Sunday, July 07, 2019

Benton to Goodland, Kansas

We survived our first day of our trip!

This was our longest day, driving from my parents' house in Benton, all the way to Goodland, Kansas, about 11 hours. Most of the stuff we want to see on this RV trip is out west, in Utah and Arizona, so we knew we would have some big driving days to get out to our destinations. (We thought about renting an RV in Las Vegas, but I think they usually want money for that.)

Yesterday we spent most of the day packing up the RV, including a trip to Walmart to get supplies! We got the refrigerator all stocked up, packed clothes in the drawers, got the technology all charged, and adjusted the cleaning and cooking supplies to have everything we need for two weeks on the road (and nothing that we don't need.)

Thanks much to my sister for helping us pick out what we need on the trip, since she has used the RV the most.

We didn't stop to see anything big today, instead just got a feel for the RV, stopped at Braums(!), and made sure we knew how to turn on the TV, etc. Wife took her first turn at the wheel, and did awesome. She is a natural, so I'll sleep in the back bed for the rest of the trip. (Actually, she said that she didn't care for it, but that she could drive if I needed her to.)

Now everybody is sleeping well at the Goodland KOA.

Apologies for the wonky video. The camera kept falling down. 

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