Sunday, January 27, 2008

Star Trek trailer

OK, I've never hidden the fact that I am a dork. As an astronomer and a former captain of a Star Trek fan club, I don't think of myself as the coolest kid in the class. So, I'm not embarrassed to say that a big reason I went to see Cloverfield is because of the trailer at the beginning of it. It is the first showing of the trailer for the new Star Trek film being released Christmas 2008, by producer J.J. Abrams of Lost. The movie has recast all of the characters of the original series (Kirk, Spock, etc.), and though the trailer was limited and enigmatic, I am excited. I am hoping that the new movie will be a bit of a re-imagining, like Battlestar Galactica. Star Trek, though I am a huge fan, has become a little stagnant, and having some time off, with no tv series or movies in active production was probably pretty good for it (Star Trek: Enterprise was canceled in 2005). Here's hoping they have shed some of the baggage of the past and come up with a good movie that more than just trekkies can enjoy.

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