Friday, March 23, 2007

Changing default page size for TeXShop

I realize that this post may have a very limited audience. I have had trouble moving my latex documents between A4 size (which i need in Britain), and Letter size (which I need in the US). After much searching, I have found that the command
sudo texconfig pdftex paper a4
sudo texconfig pdftex paper letter
put in at the command line will do the trick. Be sure to re-typeset your paper after these commands.


Alex said...

Hey there,

yeah right, first comment since March'07, I feel ya...

Anyway, this little command is pretty darn useful !! I've been turning around for hours looking for some argument to give to pdftex via TexShop, but this trick juste solves everything and works with all my other TeX editors

Thx a bunch !

Anonymous said...

another thanks for posting that info. I usually just use letter,
but I had to submit something in a4 for a conference, and yours was the only place I found the info!

It still seems to me a little odd
that there isn't a simpler way to
do it, on a per-document basis.
It used to be no problem back in
the emacs-latex-dvips days to
do this individually for a document, instead of as a global
Also my resulting a4 document
seems to start just a little bit too
low on each page. But whatever.
many thanks.

Anonymous said...

thanks! A helpful little command.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this. I always forget how to fix things when it starts mysteriously breaking. I am not sure why the pdftex one starts editing the hyphenation files, however!

If you are using dvips (because of a package) you can try "sudo texconfig dvips paper letter".