Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Frustrated with WD MyBook drives

I have two MyBook 500GB external drives I have been using for a few months, and they have been great. So, when they were on sale at Costco I thought it would be a great time to pick up a couple more so that I could start mirroring my data for backup. However, when I plugged in the two new ones, they didn't work, together. They would work separately, but when you plugged both in, they would disconnect. After some sluething, I think I have found the problem, but I don't know much about firewire, so I am not certain. The Firewire connection ID (found with Disk Utility) on both drives is identical. As far as I can tell, the connection ID should be unique to all firewire drives, but these are not. I actually returned one drive to Costco thinking that it was just funky, but when I got the new one home, the same exact thing happened. Does anyone who knows more about firewire care to illuminate me if I am on the wrong track completely?

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