Thursday, January 19, 2006

Preview versus Acrobat Reader?

For some reason, PDFs that I view on webpages will no longer open in Preview, Apple's PDF viewer. I have to download them separately. Now they all ask for Adobe Acrobat Reader, and when it asks me to choose Reader, it won't let me choose Preview as the application to open the document. Anyone know what is going on here?


Anonymous said...

just 'get info' of the file and change what opens it from there.

Anonymous said...

I'm confused. Are you saying that you can no longer get Safari to view PDFs (using its built-in PDF viewer)? Or are you saying when you download PDFs, they default to opening with Adobe Reader?

benhood said...

Prachi, you got it right the first time. I can't see PDFs with the built-in viewer. It only allows me to use Acrobat as the built-in viewer.