Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Happy New Year!

Courtney and I had a kick-ass time out in Maryland over New Years. We went to a cabin owned by our friends Kelly and Brandon. I took some photos of us out there. I really like the picture of the bacon. Oh to be a vegetarian.
It is getting pretty busy around here. Zach, my friend from Arkansas is coming up on Saturday, and next week Courtney's Mom and Kallie are coming into town. Also, there is a big fruit convention in San Francisco, so we might get some different fruit to sell at the fruit stand. Finally, Courtney and I are hard at work trying to get the wedding all planned. My job is the website. I will let you guys see it when it is ready, which hopefully will be soon.
Oh, and finally, I have an astronomy conference next week. Should be food gun. Ed from St. Andrews will be there, which will be really nice.

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