Tuesday, November 15, 2005


Wow. Mom and I have been driving from Little Rock to Nashville. From about halfway from Little Rock to Memphis, we had tremendous rain, lightning and thunder. We started to get worried when Margaret called us and said that there were tornados in the area we were driving. She also found that there was hail and 70 mph winds from the thunderstorms. When she told us that a tornado would be going through Old Hickory at 7:01 and we were driving through it at 7:00 we decided that we should get off the road. We headed to a McDonalds and sat for about 10 minutes before the electricity blinked off. A generator came on and the staff ushered us to the interior wall, near the bathrooms. We would have gone into the bathrooms if the wind or a tornado had blown out the window. However, there were high winds, but nothing happened. After waiting for the winds to die down (about 30 minutes), we headed to Outback Steakhouse. We ate a little something and then headed to a Holiday Inn Express. That is where we are now, enjoying the free internet access.

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