Tuesday, November 01, 2005

I am Here!

I have finally arrived! I am still working on my Ph.D. work, but I will be working in Washington DC with Sara Seager. Last night I flew in on British Airways into Dulles, and it was a wonderful flight. The spinach risotto was excellent, and it had cheese on it. I love Courtney and my new apartment. It is going to be so much fun here. Well, back to the stars.


Anonymous said...

Welcome back to the States! We'll have to get together at some point... I'll let you buy me dinner. ;-) Maybe if you're in AR during the holidays, I'll stop by as I drive through.

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah... change your time zone setting... looks like it's still set to Scotland time. My last comment was posted at 9:48 EST.

benhood said...

Thanks for the info. Hopefully the time is changed now. Sounds good on dinner. But it will have to be Taco Bell. I am po'.