Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Courtney off to Cyprus

Well, it is a guys week at 3A College Street. I just put Courtney and Kallie on the bus to Glasgow, and tomorrow morning they will head to Cyprus for the next four days. Open the beers and get out the steaks! (Well, I am still a tee-totaling vegetarian, so let's not go crazy.)


Anonymous said...

Hey Ben! Oh my goodness. Remove this from the internet with all due haste, please. How humiliating.

Well, just thought we'd be the first to comment on your new blog (and hopefully the last!!), you're so funny. How bored are you??

Cyprus is WONDERFUL but of course we miss you lots. Hope things are going well at home.

Love you,
Courtney (and Kallie)

Anonymous said...

Geez Ben, you're clearly not following Courtney's instructions!