Saturday, August 12, 2006

Wet or Dry?

So, some of you probably will think it is crazy, but where I grew up in Arkansas we couldn't buy alcohol. Not at a restaurant or at the supermarket or anywhere else. I lived in a dry county, Saline. When you wanted to buy alcohol, you had to drive to Pulaski county, home of Little Rock. Recently, Saline county has been booming, as expansion from Little Rock pushes more people farther out. This was helped by a major expansion of the interstate between Saline and Pulaski County. Right now, across the interstate from my house, on some former pastures, construction companies are finishing a Super Target and an Old Navy. So for us at least, we are going big time. However, our restaurants continue to languish, with the only options being fast food and the occasional mom and pop establishment on the order of a Denny's. Some have suggested that the liquor laws are preventing us from having any "fine dining," which I mean to include Olive Garden or Red Lobster or any better than fast food options. I haven't quite made up my mind yet, but there is an article in the New York Times about counties deciding to go wet. It covers the issue pretty well, I think. On a toss-up, however, I would prefer to stay dry until I am certain that going wet would significantly help, because I see it has a one-shot deal. If Saline County goes wet, then there will never be an option to go dry again (I don't think).

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