Wednesday, June 28, 2006

The Vegas

Why hasn't Ben written anything? Because he has been in Vegas! (end third person). I won't bore you with all the details, but on Friday morning, Courtney, Richard and I headed out to Vegas, and we caught the red-eye back on Sunday night. Courtney met up with four friends, so I didn't see her all weekend, and Kin, Michael, Michael and Richard and I had a grand time. The best was in the MGM Grand, where we were waiting for Ka to start, and we sat down to a $10 blackjack table. I am usually more of a $3 Sahara table kind of person. We sat down because the table was empty, so all five of us could play. We all were up and down a bit, and I ended up with $75 left of $100 I brought to the table. I decided that I would play just one $25 chip to see if I could get even. I got two sixes against the dealer's four. So, I split the sixes and got another six on the first, so I split those, so I had to put down $75 on the table, a huge hand for me. The dealer gave me a three on the first six, so I doubled down, and got 15 total with a six card, and I stayed. The second hand I got a 10, for 16 total, and I stayed. The third hand she gave me a four, so I doubled down again and got an eight, for 18. So, in the end I had $125 riding on one hand, whereas I usually do $3, and my hands are weak enough that if the dealer gets anything I am screwed. Well, thank goodness the numbers were in my favor, because she busted, and I walked away with $250 from my $125, making me well ahead in Vegas.

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