Tuesday, April 18, 2006

New home network

My best friend is building his house. Actually, his father is building his house, because his father is a builder. I have said that I would like to help out with networking connectivity. I can tell him what to put into the house now, while it is being built, so that he can have good connectivity later. I think a cat-5 connection is pretty important in all the rooms, especially near the television. It seems to me that this is a good idea because physical connections will always be faster than wireless ones, and with all the streaming (music, video) that is likely going to take place in a house, gigabit ethernet will be essential. I am going to spec everything out, so that he can see what it will all cost. I know this is a pretty boring post for most people, but this is the most excited I have been about a project in days.


Unknown said...

Yeah running the Cat5e now before dry-wall goes up will really help later. Just have them run all the cables done to the basement so you can put up a 12 port
Ortonics patch panel
and/or a place for a switch. Since you mention gigabit speeds you might also want to consider the extra dough for Cat6 since it handle the next gen speed on that media.

benhood said...

Thanks for the info! We don't have a lot of basements in Arkansas (I guess too wet), so I have suggested installing in a central closet, maybe under their stairs (who uses that space anyway?)

kailahulbrich said...

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