Monday, December 05, 2005

Cookie Party!

So, it was another long weekend at the fruit stand. I had some disagreements with some of my colleagues, but much fruit was still sold. However, next weekend shouldn't be nearly so stressful, because I have asked off on Saturday and Sunday for two parties. On Saturday Courtney's boss and a friend from work are each having parties, and I think we will stop by both of them. And on Sunday Courtney and I are having our annual cookie party. At least it will be annual from now on. It is at 3 pm and everyone will bring about 2 dozen of their own cookies, and we will eat some and then we will send some home with everyone. It should be great fun. Everyone in the area (or out of the area if you want to travel) is more than welcome to come. Just let Courtney and I know so that we can make more punch.

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