Monday, October 24, 2005


I think some people will actually never be happy with Wal-Mart. The NYTimes is reporting that Wal-Mart has come out with a health-care plan that is 40-60% cheaper for its employees than anything they had before, and in some cases is as low as $11 per month. However, Tracy Sefl of Wal-Mart Watch thought (I guess) that it was not enough:
Ms. Sefl said the introduction of health savings accounts, which allow workers to make tax-deductible payments to a health care fund, was largely impractical for the chain's employees.

At various points in the article the author also criticized the $25,000 cap on payments (only in the first year) and the $1000 co-payment that a person is required to pay after getting three doctor visits with no payment. I think perhaps some people will always be upset with Wal-Mart, even if they through a party ever weekend with free health care for everyone in the country. I can see the teaser line now:
"In an effort to boost share prices, it is widely believed the retailing behemoth has spiked the party punch with caffeine to increase productivity. Further, the free health care is seen as marketing ploy purely for wall street."

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